Wellbeing and Resilience at Work: A talk for the CIPD by Matthew Critchlow

Managing wellbeing, resilience and mental ill health continues to provide a challenge for organisations and often results in increased absence, under performance and conflict in the workplace.

With increasing demands and growing uncertainty in the workplace, wellbeing and resilience have never been more important. A proactive strategy for employee wellbeing is now a key success factor for organisations in all sectors.

These topics were covered at a CIPD South London meeting held on 1st October 2015.

This session was facilitated by Dr Matthew Critchlow of Thrive. The following topics were covered

  • The importance of resilience and self-management of health in the management of health and well-being
  • How organisations can design strategies for managing organisational health and wellbeing
  • How organisations can manage the the employment life cycle for staff experiencing stress and mental distress at work