Joanne Dunham

Joanne is a Senior Associate Trainer and Executive Coach at Thrive (as well as heading up Flying Fishing Coaching & Development). She specialises in leadership development, resilience-building and supporting women in leadership. Over many years she has seen how training followed by coaching embeds new knowledge and new ways of thinking, maximising the ROI of any personal development intervention. As an authentic coach and facilitator, Joanne believes a person's greatest strength and ability comes from within, from being who they really are, and her aim is always to support her clients to take significant steps towards their potential of living life to the full in all areas – to truly Thrive.

In addition to many years of training adults and young people in various settings, Joanne is accredited with the International Coach Federation (ICF) and is a certified Results Coaching Systems coach, which provides a brain-based framework for supporting positive change through improved thinking, for both individuals and teams. Joanne is also a qualified Master Trainer for the Resilience Quotient Inventory (RQi), which means she is qualified to train other RQi Practitioners.

Joanne is passionate about coaching because she regularly witnesses the impact that a coaching intervention can have on an individual’s ability to achieve the exceptional performance that they were born to give.

Joanne has worked with a range of clients from SMEs to international corporations such as Argos and Heathrow, as well as local government, schools and voluntary organisations including Tearfund and Compassion.

With a commercial background working at a senior level in sales and marketing in the IT industry, Joanne understands the pressures of a complex and constantly changing business environment, and the need to develop and maintain strong personal resilience. As a director of a marketing consultancy, Joanne experienced the joys and challenges of building and running a business during intense economic and technological change, enabling her to quickly build rapport with those leading diversification projects and establishing new areas of business. Joanne’s understanding of corporate responsibility was heightened as she worked in the not for profit sector as a corporate fundraiser for the NSPCC and provided fundraising consultancy and training on a freelance basis.
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