Janeena Sims

Janeena Sims is Senior Training Associate at Thrive (as well as Director of Park Sims Associates) who specialises in leadership, team development, communication and interpersonal skills. And fantastic news … she recently received a National Training Award for her work with the leadership team at Shepherds Bush Housing Association (SBHG). Janeena offers expertise in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Integral Coaching, and theatrical techniques to help people improve their communication skills and overall job performance. She is also an ICF-accredited coach with many years of experience in coaching people at senior management levels. Previously, as an Associate Adviser at Capita Learning and Development (formerly The Industrial Society) and Frost and Sullivan, she trained hundreds of people from all over Europe in customer care and interpersonal skills. As a freelance theatre director she has produced more than 30 plays in theatres right across the UK. Before that, as a teacher, Janeena taught GCSE and A-Level students English and Drama and organised, encouraged and directed them in several theatrical productions. Janeena brings her early background as a school teacher, actor and theatre director to her training and coaching, making them creative, memorable and highly effective. Janeena has a BA (Joint Honours) in English and Drama (Bristol University), a Diploma from Bonds Manor Secretarial College and is an NLP Master Practitioner. She is also a qualified Integral Development Coach (ICF Accredited) and a certified Enneagram Practitioner.
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