David Kerschbaum

David Kerschbaum is a postgraduate student at University College London working part-time at Thrive as a Business Analyst. David is doing a degree in risk and disaster management focusing on statistical modelling of environmental hazards and he also has a deep interest in leadership development, personality, and resilience.
Previously, he graduated from the University of Aberdeen with a first-class degree in geography as the joint best student of his year. He is a flamboyant, hard-working, and reliable individual with a desire to learn and make people laugh. He is passionate about doing sports, playing the guitar and his two lovely sausage dogs.
At Thrive, he has worked on the London Healthy Workplace Award, where he wrote case studies on several outstanding organisations that gained the award. Additionally, he has undertaken market research, including competitor analysis, to support the Resilience Quotient Inventory (RQi), and strengthened its position as the leading resilience psychometric on the market. Currently, he is working on Thrive’s Student Resilience Programme (SRP) with the aim of expanding the company’s reach into the university sector.
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