RQi Introductory Seminar: 09-May-2018

The Resilience Quotient Inventory (RQi™) is our ground-breaking psychometric tool that provides a detailed measure of resilience for individuals, teams and organisations.

The RQi measures beliefs, behaviours and environmental factors that are proven to protect people against stress and burnout. Respondents receive a detailed report showing their scores across Six Elements of Resilience and 26 sub-scales as well as practical guidance on how to build even greater resilience. 

Come to our RQi networking event on 09-May-18 to learn more. At this event, Dr Matthew Critchlow will reveal the very latest research findings with the RQi which show how leadership style impacts worker stress and resilience and why mindful coping is such an important protective factor.

We also explain how to become a licensed RQi Practitioner. You’ll receive your own RQi profile and an RQi technical manual. We’re running the session at The Institute of Directors (IoD), 116 Pall Mall, St James's, London, SW1Y 5ED on the 9th May 2018; 18:30-21:00.

Tickets are free on a first come, first serve basis.

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