Our Team

  • Matthew Critchlow

    Matthew Critchlow, PhD, is Managing Director at Thrive and Visiting Lecturer at the University of Westminster. He brings over 15 years’ experience in designing and running programmes to enhance individual, team and organisational performance. He specialises in leadership development, employee wellbeing programes and techniques for measuring and enhancing human resilience.Matthew previously worked for twelve years in the pharmaceutical industry, mostly at Eli Lilly and Co. He held positions in...
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  • Christina Lewin-Smith

    Christina Lewin-Smith is Thrive’s Business Manager supporting Thrive in all aspects of operations and administration as well as supporting Thrive in its continuing development; a key aspect of which is assisting with the on-going development of the ground-breaking Resilience Quotient Inventory.Christina brings over 20 years of commercial and business experience having commenced her career in the States and then returning to the UK to embark upon a graduate training programme with House of...
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  • Joanne Dunham

    Joanne is a Senior Associate Trainer and Executive Coach at Thrive (as well as heading up Flying Fishing Coaching & Development). She specialises in leadership development, resilience-building and supporting women in leadership. Over many years she has seen how training followed by coaching embeds new knowledge and new ways of thinking, maximising the ROI of any personal development intervention. As an authentic coach and facilitator, Joanne believes a person's greatest strength and ability...
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  • Ewan Stickley

    Ewan Stickley is Senior Training Associate at Thrive (as well as Director of Flying Fish Consulting) who brings over 12 years’ experience in the field of leadership and team development. He offers expertise in facilitation, coaching and psychometric profiling. He’s passionate about supporting leaders in optimising strengths to achieve outstanding performance. Ewan previously held senior management positions at Walt Disney World, Pret a Manger, Arcadia Group and Pentland Group (Speedo, Lacoste...
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  • Kim Horwood

    Kim Horwood is a Consulting Partner, Senior Associate Trainer and Executive Coach at Thrive. She is also founding Director of Odonata River Ltd and Co-Founder of View to the Future.  Passionate about helping people to help themselves, Kim is a highly experienced Level 7 (Masters) Advanced Practitioner in Coaching and Mentoring; a CIPD-qualified trainer and facilitator, and a licensed Professional Medical Coach. Kim specialises in leadership development; creating personal impact, and supporting...
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  • Janeena Sims

    Janeena Sims is Senior Training Associate at Thrive (as well as Director of Park Sims Associates) who specialises in leadership, team development, communication and interpersonal skills. And fantastic news … she recently received a National Training Award for her work with the leadership team at Shepherds Bush Housing Association (SBHG). Janeena offers expertise in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Integral Coaching, and theatrical techniques to help people improve their communication...
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  • Stefan Atkinson

    Stefan Atkinson is Senior Training Associate at Thrive (as well as Director of Parks Sims Associates) who specialises in communication skills and customer care.Previously, as an Associate Adviser at Capita Learning & Development (formerly The Industrial Society) and Training Consultant at Frost & Sullivan Management Consultants and Reed Training, he trained hundreds of people all over Europe in communication and IT skills and customer care.  Before that, as a professional actor, he performed in...
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  • Paddy Patterson

    Paddy is a Senior Training Associate at Thrive and a Director at Element Consulting; he brings a wealth of experience to his facilitation and coaching from his time working in the private sector. He spent most of his career in the pharmaceutical/healthcare industry working as a coach, mentor and trainer.  His real passion is people and how he can help them develop, grow and become more successful in both business and life. CIPD qualified and winner of a National Training Award and subsequent...
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  • Lucy Singh

    Lucy Singh is a Business Analyst at Thrive who specialises in reviewing resources and undertaking literature reviews to support the Resilience Quotient Inventory (RQi). She also provides website, Zoom and cloud-based systems support. Lucy joined the business in October 2020 as an intern and has now joined the company as a full-time employee. She has previously worked as a Mental Health Care Support Worker in Bali with SLV.Global in 2019, which involved preparing and organising support...
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  • David Kerschbaum

    David Kerschbaum is a postgraduate student at University College London working part-time at Thrive as a Business Analyst. David is doing a degree in risk and disaster management focusing on statistical modelling of environmental hazards and he also has a deep interest in leadership development, personality, and resilience.Previously, he graduated from the University of Aberdeen with a first-class degree in geography as the joint best student of his year. He is a flamboyant, hard-working, and...
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What do our customers say?

Working with Matthew Critchlow has been both enlightening and inspiring. He has a wonderfully warm engaging style balanced with a depth and breadth of knowledge which translate into techniques that are easily accessible to delegates.
James Anderson-Dixon, Customer Relationship Manager, Nationwide Building Society
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