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+Goal Setting For Success
Goal Setting Course 2015Goal setting lies at the heart of high achievement in any walk of life.

In this workshop we review the fundamental principles of goal setting to help you manage work performance and maintain the right work-life balance.

You’ll complete a ‘Wheel of Life’ exercise, review your strengths and professional objectives and then set SMARTER goals and ‘Well-Formed Outcomes’. With an emphasis on self-motivation and self-management you’ll walk away with an action plan and the right tools to succeed, whatever your goals.

FORMAT: 1/2 day workshop, plus optional one-to-one coaching. Goal Setting Brochure

See: Plan Your Future (below) for a more advanced course.

+Plan Your Future
Plan Your Future Course

We are all faced with important choices in life. Knowing how to make the right choices isn’t always easy. In this course we introduce the practice of self-coaching to help people make the right choices. You’ll have an opportunity to take stock, review your options and establish the best goals for you.  We’ll show you how to identify personal values, strengths and needs and then set SMARTER goals and Well-Formed Outcomes.

We also provide a powerful set of tools and techniques for turning goals into reality. This includes the art of modelling, harnessing the power of the unconscious mind and dealing with set-backs and ‘failure’.

With an emphasis on self-motivation and self-management you’ll walk away with an action plan and the right tools to succeed, whatever your goals.  Whether you want to improve your work-life balance, make a career change or build motivation to achieve your goals, this course has something for you.

FORMAT: 1 day workshop with optional one-to-one coaching. Plan Your Future Brochure.

+Unleash Your Strengths
Unleash Your Strengths Course

The evidence is clear … we gain far more from building on our strengths than developing our weaknesses.  That’s why we designed this course.

In this session you’ll complete the Values in Action (VIA) survey to help you identify your ‘signature strengths’ (such as perseverance, judgement, teamwork and leadership).  The VIA survey is a scientifically validated assessment tool that enables people to focus on their strengths rather than their shortcomings.  During the workshop you’ll explore ways you can apply your strengths in work and outside of work.

FORMAT: 1 day workshop with pre-work. Unleash Your Strengths Brochure

+Using Emotional Intelligence
EIIt’s estimated that between 27 and 45% of job success is related to Emotional Intelligence (EI).  So why do we spend so little time learning about our emotional and social functioning?  Here we explain the principles of EI and offer practical techniques for putting good EI into practice, including cultivating self-awareness, regulating emotions and practicing empathy and assertiveness.

Delegates have the option of completing their own Emotional Quotient Inventory (EQ-i 2.0®) and receiving one-to-one feedback from an accredited EQ-i Coach.  This level of support can produce major changes in EI and significant improvements in performance and fulfillment at work and outside of work.

FORMAT: 1 day workshop supported by one-to-one coaching. Emotional Intelligence Brochure

+Building Personal Resilience
Personal Resilience CoursesIn this course you’ll learn practical skills for managing high pressure, rapid change and adversity.

We explore what resilience means and the benefits it can bring, both personally and professionally.  We uncover what stress really means and provide powerful techniques for minimizing its negative effects.  We also demonstrate techniques for building resilience proactively, including problem-solving (with the 7-step problem-solving technique), managing emotions, building positive beliefs (such as optimism and self-compassion) and bringing more ‘flow’ moments into your life.

FORMAT: 1 day workshop with personal RQi Report. Building Resilience Brochure.

+Mindfulness in Practice
Mindfulness BannerIn this session we introduce the key principles and practices of Mindfulness. We demonstrate simple mindful practices – with proven benefits – that can be introduced into your daily life for greater wellbeing and higher sustainable performance.

FORMAT: 1/2 or 1 day workshop. Mindfulness in Practice Brochure

+Developing Positive Relationships
Positive Relationships CourseIn this session you’ll learn the art and science of building positive relationships, including the importance of empathy, constructive responding and forgiveness.  And by the end of the day you’ll have mastered the key skills of assertive communication. This course is a must for effective team-working.

Delegates also have the option of completing the Facet5 personality profile to build greater self-awareness and enhance communication even further.

FORMAT: 1 day workshop, supported by on-line learning resources and one-to-one coaching with the Facet5 profile. Positive Relationships Brochure.

+Emotional Intelligence for Leaders
EI For LeadersSome authors argue that up to 90% of success in a senior leadership position is due to Emotional Intelligence (EI).  Understanding the concept of EI and how to develop your own EI skills is a key part of successful leadership. This course offers practical skills for strengthening EI.  There are multiple benefits for leaders and their teams in the areas of wellbeing, resilience and engagement.

On this course you’ll have an opportunity to complete your own Emotional Quotient Inventory (EQ-i 2.0®), receive feedback from an accredited EQ-i Coach and develop a plan for developing your EI strengths.

FORMAT: 1-3 day workshop supported by one-to-one coaching.

+Coaching Skills
Coaching Skills CourseEffective coaching lies at the heart of great leadership.  In our coaching skills course delegates discover the principles of performance coaching and learn how to structure a coaching session using TGROW.  We also teach practical skills such as rapport building, active listening, powerful questioning and goal setting.

In advanced sessions we demonstrate techniques for building self-regard and self-belief and coaching people through the stages of change so they can make sustainable improvements in performance.

Delegates have the option of completing a qualification (Award, Certificate or Diploma) in Coaching accredited by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI).

FORMAT: 1-3 day workshop supported by one-to-one coaching.

Our services

thrive-training-ltdWe offer consultancy, training and coaching designed to enhance individual and organisational effectiveness.

We deliver ‘in-house’ training courses on a wide range of personal and leadership development topics. We also offer:

  • Qualifications accredited by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI)
  • Bespoke courses including role play and forum theatre
  • One-to-one coaching with psychometric profiling

Download our current training brochure here. (It’s a large file so may take a few moments to download).

Our mission

GrowthOur mission is to help create a work environment where all employees can thrive.

We do this by delivering the very best training and coaching to support personal development and leadership development.

Our values

TREE Thrive 6Strong values lie at the heart of everything we do:

  • CONSCIOUS BUSINESS – We subscribe to the triple bottom line model of success. We strive to make a positive difference in three domains of business life: people, planet and profit.
  • INTEGRITY – We believe in fairness, honesty and respect for all people.  Acting in a way that’s consistent with these values is what integrity means to us.
  • EXCELLENCE – We strive for the highest standards in the delivery of all our training and coaching. We also seek out the very latest evidenced-based techniques to get the best outcomes for our clients
  • SUSTAINABILITY  – We operate as a carbon-neutral company, we use recycled paper and constantly review our environmental sustainability and ethical purchasing.

Our community

Penguins on ice 2We invest in our community by volunteering our time and donating a proportion of our profits to charity.

We support the NSPCC and Save the Children and we offer discounts to charities so they can access our workshops. 10% of the sales from the RQi go towards funding resilience courses for those seeking work or on low-incomes, including single parents.