Personal development courses

We offer a range of personal development courses designed to promote a range of skills, empowering people to perform at their best. We offer courses in Goal Setting, Personal Resilience and Persuasive Communication, to name but a few.

Why choose our courses?

Because they’re based on science, especially Positive Psychology, Emotional Intelligence and rigorous HRM research.  In brief, we use tools and techniques that are proven to enhance performance and we make them fun and easy to use.

What do people say?

“Excellent facilitator. Professional, great knowledge, great sense of humour and able to connect on a number of levels and certainly made everyone feel completely comfortable and at ease. One of the best courses I have attended.” Thames Valley Housing.  (Read more in testimonials).

Our modular approach

We structure our courses using a modular approach, to give you flexibility.  They can be run independently or combined to form more comprehensive programmes.  For example, a personal development programme is typically comprised of: Goal Setting for Success, Emotional Intelligence, Persuasive Communication and Personal Resilience.

Popular courses

+Goal Setting For Success
Goal Setting Course 2015Goal setting lies at the heart of self-management and high performance in any walk of life.  In this workshop we review the fundamental principles and practices of goal setting to help you manage work performance and gain more in other parts of your life.

To help you choose the right goals, you’ll complete a ‘Wheel of Life’ exercise and review your strengths and professional objectives.  You’ll then set SMARTER goals and ‘Well-Formed Outcomes’.  With an emphasis on self-motivation and self-management you’ll walk away with an action plan and the right tools to succeed, whatever your goals.

FORMAT: 1/2 day or 1 workshop, plus optional one-to-one coaching. Goal Setting Brochure

+Plan Your Future

Plan Your Future CourseWe are all faced with important choices in life. Knowing how to make the right choices has a huge impact on our success and happiness.

In this course we introduce the practice of self-coaching to help people make informed choices for the future they desire. Delegates have an opportunity to take stock, review their options in life and establish the best goals for success and happiness.  We show people how to identify their personal values, strengths and needs and then set SMARTER goals and Well-Formed Outcomes.

We also provide a powerful set of tools and techniques for turning goals into reality. This includes the art of modelling, harnessing the power of the unconscious mind and dealing with set-backs and ‘failure’.

Whether you want to improve your work-life balance, change your career path, or build motivation to achieve your goals, this course has something for you.

FORMAT: 1 day workshop with optional one-to-one coaching. Plan Your Future Brochure.

+Unleash Your Success
Unleash Your Strengths TITLEThe evidence now seems clear … we gain far more from building on our strengths than developing our weaknesses.  That’s why we designed this course.

In this session you’ll complete the Values in Action (VIA) survey to help you identify your ‘signature strengths’ (such as perseverance, judgement, teamwork and leadership).  The VIA survey is a scientifically validated assessment tool that enables people to focus on strengths rather than their shortcomings.  During the workshop you’ll explore ways you can apply your strengths in work and outside of work. This course can lead to a step-change in performance!

FORMAT: 1 day workshop with pre-work. Unleash Your Strengths Brochure

+Emotional Intelligence
EIIt’s estimated that between 27 and 45% of job success is related to Emotional Intelligence (EI).  So why do we spend so little time learning about our emotional and social functioning?

In this course we explain the principles of EI and offer practical techniques for putting good EI into practice, including cultivating self-awareness, regulating emotions and practicing empathy and assertiveness.

Delegates have the option of completing their own Emotional Quotient Inventory (EQ-i 2.0®) and receiving one-to-one feedback from an accredited EQ-i Coach.  This level of support can produce major changes in EI and significant improvements in performance and fulfilment at work and outside of work.

FORMAT: 1 day workshop supported by one-to-one coaching. Emotional Intelligence Brochure

+Building Personal Resilience
Personal Resilience CoursesIn this course you’ll learn practical skills for managing high pressure, rapid change and adversity.  We explore what stress really means and provide practical techniques for minimsing its negative effects.

We also demonstrate techniques for building resilience proactively, such as problem solving (with the 7-Step Problem Solving Technique), managing emotions and building positive beliefs, such as optimism and self-regard.

This workshop works very well with the EI course above.

FORMAT: 1 day workshop, supported by on-line learning resources. Personal Resilience Brochure.

+Building Positive Relationships
Positive Relationships CourseIn this session you’ll learn the art and science of building positive relationships, including the importance of empathy, constructive responding and the art of forgiveness.  And by the end of the day you’ll have mastered the key skills of assertive communication. This course is a must for effective team-working.

Delegates also have the option of completing the Facet5 personality portrait to build greater self-awareness and enhance communication even further.

FORMAT: 1 day workshop, supported by on-line learning resources and one-to-one coaching with the Facet5 Profile. Building Positive Relationships Brochure

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